PassFacile Free

Free basic service with limitations: you can create up to 10 loyalty cards and you can not customize the card. No time limitation


The purchase allows you to use the service without restrictions for the desired period. You can also customize your card loyalty.

Choose your subscription
  •    Menage 3 types of loyalty cards:
       - Stamps card
       - Points card
       - Rechargeable cards
  •    Loyalty Cards compatible with:
       - iPhone® and iPod Touch®
       - Android® with free app PassWallet
       - Apple Watch®
  •    Sending promotional campaigns
  •    Creating loyalty cards
  •    Georeferencing of loyalty cards
    Notify your customer when he's near your business
  •    Store manager
  •    Edit template
    Apply one of our templates on your loyalty cards
  •    Remote Cards
    Possibility to act on fidelity cards even without scanning them
  •    Historical customers
    Keep track of all the movements on all your fidelity cards.
  •    Make annotations to your customers
  •    Log in using 1Password and TouchID
    Only for iOS app
  •    Compatibility with iBeacon®
  •    Multi-user management
    Work on your account with your co-workers at the same time.
  •    Quick Point mode (Stamps card)
    You can put your smartphone on the counter for customers so that you can load your stitches on a stand-alone basis (Stamps card)
  •    Sending push notifications
    Push notifications sent to Apple Wallet (iOS) and PassWallet (Android)
  •    Web and tablet management
    Login from -> Shopkeeper access
  •    Export e-mail customers
  •    Custom loyalty card
    It is possible to enter your company logo and a photo on the loyalty cards
  •    iFrame PassFacile on your website
    It will give your customers the ability to create your loyalty card comfortably from your home PC by connecting to your business website. The card will be sent to the customer via e-mail with instructions for installing it on your smartphone
  •    Managing different administrator levels (Available shortly)
    You will be able to create sub accounts for your collaborators by inhibiting the use of some features such as the visibility of all customers and the sending of promotions reserved to your primary account.


  • Up to 10 digital fidelity cards
  • 1 store
  • Unlimited

SeasonPass Basic

€ 49,99For year
  • Up to 100 digital fidelity cards
  • 1 store
  • Unlimited

SeasonPass Premium

€ 199,99For year
  • Up to 2000 digital fidelity cards*
  • Up to 5 shops
  • Unlimited

Buy your subscription here or directly in app. SUBSCRIPTION CONDITIONS

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