Download PassFacile

Download PassFacile from AppStore®, PlayStore® or use from Web. You can use it for free until the realization of 10 loyalty cards

Deal the cards

Invite your customers to scan QRCode with your smartphone. In a few seconds you will be able to create their own loyalty cards. The cards will be collected from Wallet® or third-party app for Android® users (WalletPasses)

Sign In

Sign in from the app, making sure to fill out the required data by selecting the graphic template of your membership card loyalty


Back on the home page and scans PassFacile tiles interacting on them. You can add stamps, points, change the credit and much more ...


Your private area is already active, it needs to login and begin to familiarize themselves with the application


See client list members from the Customers section, you can interact on their cards directly from the detail page without necessarily scan them. View the history of all operations or exports all email addresses for future promotional campaigns


Enters the Account section and print your flyer. This will generate the pdf file with QRCode associated. Display it in the store


Send Events, Promotions List Awards and appealing to all of your members through the appropriate section. All tiles will receive a push notification in real time. You can also share them on Facebook®