Let’s see how to download and install the demo card on your smartphone …

Creating the card from the website

The tiles are generated directly from a particular website.

You can immediately test the search service where clicking on the icon at the top to connect to the web site. Follow the simple directions that will guide the creation of a demonstrative loyalty cards on your smartphone. The card will be sent to your email address, kindly check that does not end up in the spam folder.

You can enter this function as an iFrame within your company web site so customers can realize the card directly from home!


Creating the card to be QR-Code

You have an iPhone® can add immediatametne a card in our demonstration Wallet® in three easy steps:

1 – Open Wallet® (available from iOS9 forward – Called Passbook® in iOS6-7-8)
2 – Click on “Scan Code” in the upper right
3 – Frame your code below … and you’re done!

NOTES: All tiles generated by our service are also compatible for your new Apple Watch®!

If you have a Android® system, follow these instructions:

1- Download PassWallet (free on the Play Store) to collect your cards;
2- Download Goggles (free on the Play Store) is a particular QrCode reader;
3- Open PassWallet and go to “Scan Code” in the side menu on the top left;
4- It frames the code below and start downloading you find yourself inside the card PassWallet!