Let’s see how to download and install the demo card on your smartphone …

Creating the card from the website

The tiles are generated directly from a particular website: passfacile.com.

You can enter this function as an iFrame within your company web site so customers can realize the card directly from home!


Creating the card to be QR-Code

You have an iPhone® can add immediatametne a card in our demonstration Wallet® in three easy steps:

1 – Open Wallet® (available from iOS9 forward – Called Passbook® in iOS6-7-8)
2 – Click on “Scan Code” in the upper right
3 – Frame your code below … and you’re done!

With iOS11:
1 – Oper Camera
2 – Frame your code below … and you’re done!

NOTES: All tiles generated by our service are also compatible for your new Apple Watch®!

If you have a Android® system, follow these instructions:

1- Download PassWallet (free on the Play Store) to collect your cards;
2- Download Goggles (free on the Play Store) is a particular QrCode reader;
3- Open PassWallet and go to “Scan Code” in the side menu on the top left;
4- It frames the code below and start downloading you find yourself inside the card PassWallet!