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Create and deploy loyalty cards and prepaid cards for your business in less than 3 minutes with your iPhone®, you do not need more ...

Do not issue more tiles that are always anonymous are lost or forgotten;

Just spend on printing, graphics, sounds to manage traditional cards that you can not change;

No more unnecessary and expensive advertising, contact and loyalty of your customers with promotional campaigns targeted at no cost.

You can try PassFacile free with no obligation to create up to 10 loyalty cards no time limit. For further details see "Subscriptions" and "Promotions" on this site.

PassFacile is an application for store owner that allows you to create and distribute dynamic loyalty cards for your business.

In one application you can make 3 different card types:

- Stamp cards
- Cards to earn points
- Rechargeable cards.

NEW ': All the loyalty cards issued with PassFacile are also compatible with your new Apple Watch!

PassFacile is not a collector of loyalty cards, which is an already available function of Apple Wallet®, but is a tool designed especially for their creation and management. The common loyalty cards, which are made of paper or are available in an app, will never be able to do what they do with cards generated by PassFacile: communicating with customers in real time!

Create cards to distribute to your customers is easy: simply download and register PassFacile in full autonomy by choosing among the proposed template graphics or a customized version.

The distribution of the card is immediate: the client will connect to your smartphone on www.passfacile.com and insert his/her data along with the number operator associated to you, s/he will press the Add to Apple Wallet® and that will suffice. His/her new card's name will have been added to your Apple Wallet®!

PassFacile will scan the card and operate dynamically on it by adding points, credits or stamps. But there is even more in store! You may also send promotional campaigns to all members in real time, and a push notification will be sent by Apple Wallet® to the customers thus updating their cards.

All cards are geolocated and will alert the customer when s/he is close to your store.

You are about to enter the world's most advanced system for managing loyalty cards, in fact you can now:

- Create unlimited cards at no additional cost, no waste paper, no plastic waste;
- Innovate your communication through cards;
- Innovate your business profile;
- Secure your customers through special rewards for them;
- Simplify the way your customers can find you (email, phone, address, opening hours, etc ...)
- Use the card as a reminder as it is shown to the customer on the lock screen when they are near your store;
- Organize marketing operations using the customers' list in your reserved area;
- Avoid problems with change by using PassFacile as a rechargeable card;
- Operate with a click on the cards of existing customers without having to scan the card.

You will benefit from decreasing the production costs of traditional cards! Are you ready to evolve business? We are, and we will do our best to achieve this goal!

The cards are supported by Passbook® iPhone®, iPod touch®, Apple Watch® and No-Apple ® smartphone thanks to third-parties application.
Apple Wallet® is an application for Apple® pre-installed on all iPhones®, iPod touch® and Apple Watch® from iOS 6.0.

There are 2 types of subscriptions: Free and Premium, for more details see: http://passfacile.it/abbonamenti/

It's time to trust, it's time to believe it, it's time to PassFacile!

You can try free PassFacile creating up to 10 loyalty cards for your business without any constraint or limitation in time. In order to use the service without restrictions, you will need to subscribe to the Premium SeasonPass 2016. See more on page SUBSCRIPTIONS PROMOTIONS and access.
Our team is able to customize PassFacile according to your needs. You can for instance enable more outlets with a single loyalty card PassFacile or create a customized app for your business by integrating our loyalty cards. Contact us for more information.