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With one subscription only 3 activations

By purchasing our PassFacile Premium will have the second subscription free.

Share your subscription and you will have only advantages:

- Support the expense with 1 other friends / colleagues
- Activate a unique card for all 2 businesses or decide to leave them independent
- Increase the efficiency of retention and communication with its customers through a unified collection points

Unity is strength!

Loyalty more effectively

PassFacile it born from the desire to give strength and voice to all operators who are not part of large franchises. A new easy and inexpensive digital tool to manage customers through the use of our digital cards.

Join so it can make a difference and allow you to create something unique and unrepeatable, just be clever in choosing the right premiums / discounts for your customers encouraging them to choose your business activities to accumulate points faster by creating a small circuit in your town where everyone will value:

- The operator because they can offer their customers something that other competitors do not have;
- The customer because, besides not having yet another card in your wallet (PassFacile is digital ONLY), will speed up the acquisition of premium / discounts remaining in constant contact with merchants participating through the same cards.

Active promotion

SignIn now and invite your friends

- SignIn your business and invite your friend/colleagues to do the same
- Buy 1 ONLY PassFacile Premium or Premium Plus from your account
- Tell us your operator codes
- Choose to unify the collection points or leave the three independent activities, we'll do the rest